“Be fruitful and multiply” Gen.1:28

Published December 1, 2014 by Valentyna in NFP

“Be fruitful and multiply” Gen.1:28

Fruitfulness – a wonderful gift that God has endowed to man. Men and women combined in marriage, engaged in God’s plan of continuing the human race.

In Ukraine the situation with the birth of children is very tragic. Alarming figures reminiscent of the demographic crisis; negative population growth, reduced fertility, decrease in population. The fertility rate in Ukraine is18–20 percent. A large percentage of infertility is a result of abortion. It is a pity that Ukrainian women are first made infertile, and they need to pay to be able to conceive. But, this conception, unfortunately, is done through unnatural methods.

Zaporozhye held a seminar November 25-27, 2011, to study the Natural Methods of Family Planning – which are fertility recognition methods.

The seminar, held at the Con-Cathedral and Sanctuary of Merciful God the Father, was organized with the support of the Ukrainian charitable organization “For the Dignity of all People ” and the American charitable organization “Chalice of Mercy”.

The natural methods of family planning was studied and recognized by the English Royal Academy in Birmingham. This method is effective help for those families who have difficulty conceiving a child, and spouses who require important reasons to delay conception of a child without using contraceptive means and methods.

The presentation took place in a warm, friendly atmosphere, and included more than thirty people desiring to learn the modern methods of natural fertility recognition.

Participants admitted that ignorance of the physiology of the body leads to sad consequences. It’s no secret that many couples live in constant anxiety about unplanned pregnancy, which causes a negative attitude towards sexuality in general. Others are forced to suffer from the inability to conceive a child, even if they have good living conditions and material support. But, perhaps it is because married couples have not been able to find the optimal time for conception.

It was interesting to see men at the seminar show great interest. They realized they cannot remain ignorant about a natural way to plan a family. For those who were present, the female body was no longer a “black box” in which no one known what happens. One of the young men shared his experiences that he now feels responsibility for his family, the health of women and for future children.

A young woman who was present shared her feelings, and I realized she struggled with not being able to conceive for a long time. She was destroying life in different ways and now regrets that previously did not have the information needed to help her.

On the first day of the seminar, one mother could not come so she sent her 11 year old daughter, who listened with interest. The very next day the teenage girl came with her mother and, with great interest, told her mother about how amazing the female body functions. The mother was pleased that her daughter received information from competent teachers, because very often they are educated in the streets, and parents are unable to talk with their children about these topics.

Some of the participants took part in training for a second time or third time, with intensions to become qualified natural family teachers later on.

The training in Zaporozhye was held by a certified specialist of the European Institute for Family Education Genya Samborska, also a founder of the charitable organization “For the Dignity of all People”, and MD, PhD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Zaporozhye Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Heraskina Liliay.

To highlight this important event, the regional radio station sent its correspondent, Vadim Livertovsky, and they broadcasted an interview with Genya Samborska.

This was the third time the NFP seminar was held in Zaporozhye. I think the best result of the training was the desire of many participants to attend the next seminar, and those who previously participated, invited their friends. We hope that such seminars in the Zaporizhye region will continue to be scheduled and held several times a year, because there is great need.Father Andrei Popov

Regional representative for the charitable organizations “Chalice of Mercy” and “For the Dignity of all People”.


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