News from Hospice St. Michael the Archangel, Zaporozhye.

Published December 2, 2013 by Valentyna in Hospices

News  from  Hospice St. Michael  the  Archangel, Zaporozhye.

The construction work at the Hospice St. Michael the Archangel is going forward. Now the biggest project of remodeling the hallway is done.  The hallway was in such terrible condition.  It was quite a project to rebuild the walls, because they were so crooked and uneven.  There were so many defects and parts of the hallway were so fragile that it seemed ready to collapse. Surely it would have been easier just to level to the ground this whole building and start all over again.

But this is what is so beautiful!!!  Our lives often are like this – so broken and with much suffering.  Lack of love and terrible loneliness seems to afflict so many of our brothers and sisters in every corner of this world. But it is not so when we begin to see what LOVE CAN DO. It is only love that changes everything. But love is a gift from the One who is Love – Our Heavenly Father.

Love can build everything anew.  Imagine that almost  2 years ago there seemed to be no hope for the continuing existence of the Hospice, but now it has a completely new life.  Our dear friends who live there feel very happy just to hear the sound of the work going on.  They are thankful for every visit, they are those who have been left alone by their friends and even their families, so that everything seems forever lost.  But no, with love there are no borders, with love there is hope for all that is broken.  And it is love that has been clearly shown to these people, from all those who are helping our mission to continue.

We thank all of you who are helping us and praying for us. Please stay with us in prayer.



New rooms


New Fire doors and new doors to the rooms.


New corridor.


With much love and prayer

Valentyna Pavsyukova

Chalice of Mercy

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