Everybody loves surprises!

Published December 2, 2014 by Valentyna in Containers Of Medical Supplies

News about shipment of container with Medical to Ukraine !!!

Everybody loves surprises! Especially, when they are in a box!  What if they were in a very big box that had traveled across the ocean for 47 days, stuffed with gifts of necessary medical supplies for the Orphanage in the Kalinovka  Chernigovskaya Region, St Michael the Archangel Hospice in Zaporozhye, and the Connosian Sisters in Vinniza, Ukraine.

It was a year ago when we began to prepare this second container of medical supplies for shipment to Ukraine. We finally received permission from the Government of Ukraine to the ship container September 8, 2012.  It was then scheduled for shipment from Sisters mission Outreach in Springfield, IL on October 24.   The ship finally reached shore with our big container of surprises on December 9 at the Port of Odessa  and then Zaporozhye on December 13, the Feast day of St Lucy (her name means The Light)

It was truly like the light coming to the darkness and hope to those who lost hope and trust to anything and anyone. I remember the director of the St. Michael Hospice Center in Zaporozhye, Vladimir Alexevich, once said, “I can’t believe that Chalice of Mercy mission is actually doing what they promised to do”.

But, surely we realize that to do anything, it needs the blessing and providence from God.  And God needs hearts and hands which are open to do His love and bring it to a visible seeing.

The container was completely stuffed with medical beds, mattresses, cribs, wheelchairs, necessary therapeutic equipment for disabled children and many other things that Ukraine simply doesn’t have, like lifting patient equipment.

Many people helped organize what was in the container.  First, we want to express our deep gratitude for the patience, love and care of Sisters Mission Outreach in Springfield, IL. Their dedication to help so many countries, so many missions, so many people with medical equipment is phenomenal.  All the items they shipped were in very good condition.  Ukrainian hospitals have such outdated equipment that for them to receive this used equipment was almost new to them.

We want to thank the amazing family of Daniel and Gretchen Thibault for the tremendous help they offer Chalice of Mercy missions.  They are always with us and care about all that is happening through the work we do in Ukraine.

We thank Amy and Tom Strom, who help Chalice of Mercy mission and support us in many wonderful ways.   They also helped organize a shoe collection at the Providence Academy in La Crosse, WI.  We thank the children who collected the sport shoes for the children in Orphanage in Kalinovka.

Thank you to the Oakbrook nursing home in Thorp and Vicky Shultz who helped us collect necessary equipment, such as lifts for patience and wheelchairs, commodes and much more.


Our dear Director of the Ukrainian Red Cross, Konstanting Alexeevich, who went through much work in order to receive our container in Zaporozhye deserves much thanks. He also has helped us three years ago with our first container, which was shipped to the Kamenka Dneprovskaya Hospital.

To Our Fr Andry, who is truly the right hand for all the missions of Chalice of Mercy in Ukraine.  He tirelessly works and helps with everything that needs to be done.

Thank you to the Institute of St Joseph in Boyd, WI and to Sister Petra, Father John Mary, and Brother Joseph for their prayers, support, love and patience.  Coure Jesu has become a living heart in Wisconsin for our mission

Also we want to thank all of you, our dearest friends, who helped with much prayer, financial support, patience and love.


Shoes donated from Providence Academy in La Crosse, WI


Container preparing to be shipped from Sisters Mission Outreach, IL to Zaporozhye, Ukraine



Zaporozhye.  The building where the local Red Cross Organization is established.







We hope that we will be able to help many more hospitals and orphanages with the medical equipment and supplies. But our prayer and hope even more for this is not only the humanitarian aid, but the work of love and prayer that Our Heavenly Father – may He be always and in everything and through everything, glorified.

Help us with prayers that all that is In the container will be delivered very soon to the Hospice St Michael the Archangel, Kalinovka orphanage and Connisian Sisters. We still need to go through the local customs and that can take some time. 🙂



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