“Miracle of Life” Video Displays in Women’s Clinics

Published December 4, 2014 by Valentyna in Miracle Of Life TV


Yes, TV’s can work miracles – or at least they can be used to help perform the miracle of saving a life.

A doctor working in a women’s clinic once said to us, “You have come to tell us very important things about how we must work to protect the life of the child in the womb, but you are not here to speak to the thousands of women sitting in our waiting rooms for an appointment with the doctor. Why don’t you place a TV monitor here in the corridor with a video that teaches every pregnant woman, showing her images of life in the womb? This will cause her to stop and think, before she even comes to us asking about abortion.”

What a wonderful idea! In 2010 we placed our first “Miracle of Life TV” in Kamenko-Dneprovskaya Regional Hospital, where we had sent in 2009 the first container of medical supplies donated by the Sisters Mission Outreach. With the help of amazing friends, we have since been able to place 17 of these TV monitors in cities throughout Ukraine.

The system is quite simple. The TV monitor is installed in a wall, and a flash drive is plugged into it, playing continuously several educational videos on many important topics, including:

  • Chastity before marriage
  • The truth about contraception
  • The truth about Abortion
  • The development of the child in the womb
  • The beauty and responsibility of parenting

We hope to install more of these TV monitors in clinics throughout Ukraine.

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