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St Maria Goretti House

Facing a pregnancy when you are lonely, homeless, financially deprived, or feeling pressure from the world around you to make a choice that is against life is an overwhelming situation for any woman. The building of St. Maria Goretti House, located in a small village outside the city of Zaporozhye, Ukraine, will provide mothers and their babies a safe place to live and grow. The spirit of the home will provide a foundation for life and family and allow mothers to welcome their child into a loving environment where they will thrive. Through the loving hearts and hands of mentors, mothers will learn about the love that our heavenly Father has for each of them and how they in turn must share that love with their child. The mothers of St. Maria Goretti House will learn life-skills that will include financial management, parenting and daily living skills. The women, through their commitment to prayer and family-like community living, will be able to build the foundations necessary to establish a respectable life which honors their heavenly Father as they move beyond the walls of St. Maria Goretti House.

  • To build and furnish St Maria Goretti House for 40 people ( 18 women with the children, including 3 religious Albertinian Sisters who will take care of the house ) Will cost  – $500.000

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The Culture of Life Center

Many medical professionals dream of practicing their healing vocation in a setting that supports their understanding of the dignity of life. They will be able to do this in the part of this center designated for gynecological and prenatal care. It is here that a woman will receive support and expert medical care for herself and her child. Another part of the center will help children with special needs reach their full potential through physical, occupational and speech therapy. These children, who society sees as unfit and unable, will receive professional care in a setting where they can experience the freedom and the fun of childhood! An attached conference center will accommodate groups of medical professionals in order to keep them connected, learning and teaching!


  • To open such a therapy center and gynecological clinic Will cost – $700.000



With over 300 orphanages in Ukraine and a crumbling economy, it is common for orphans to lead joyless, institutionalized lives in which basic needs go unmet. This is all the more true when a child is born with a disability, often leading to parental abandonment. Chalice of Mercy is committed to opening the eyes of caregivers to the precious dignity of these children by mirroring Christ’s love through personal encounter and practical, material assistance. It is our hope that a future therapy center will meet these orphans’ needs even more fully.


Working Closely with Doctors

It is an awesome experience to work with enthusiastic medical professionals who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology and provide a variety of educational opportunities: Celebration of Life pilgrimages, spiritual retreats, medical conferences, and have accessible the materials necessary to education patients about the child’s development in their mothers’ womb. Through the introduction of Natural Family Planning, the doctors are able to learn about natural methods, approved by the Catholic Church, to help couples who have difficulty conceiving, and to educate those who wish to postpone or avoid conception because of health or other acceptable reasons.

You can help us with donations for the NFP seminar or order items directly from Heritage House for us. These materials bring awareness to men and women and help the doctors educate their patients.

  • One NFP seminar cost – $ 350
  • The Precious One Fetal Model – 751PO … 1,000 cost $450
  • Lapel Pin, Gilt Precious Feet – 100GIL … 1,000 cost $590
  • Rubber ‘Life is Precious’ Bracelets, Adult – 1980LI….2,000 cost $590

Miracle of Life TV screens

We currently have 17 TV screens installed in waiting rooms at women’s clinics and birthing hospitals throughout Ukraine. Videos provide different educational movies about the miracle of life. We are hoping to continue our work of bringing awareness of the life of a child in the womb.

  • One TV monitor and installation costs $300


Hospice Care

The hospices in Ukraine care for the homeless and abandoned that are dying. They receive minimum financial assistance from the government. Our mission is to bring relief to those suffering by helping them with adequate housing, necessary medical equipment and supplies, and to education caregivers in meeting their needs with gentleness, love and care.  While continuing to help St Michael the Archangel Hospice in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, our hope is to help other existing hospices, and to be sure that children with special needs spend their last days on earth in a dignified way.


Containers of Medical Equipment

We have already shipped two 40’ containers of medical equipment: beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, crutches, cribs, birthing beds, lifting machine and much more in the Zaporozhye Region of Ukraine. We will continue to work towards bringing more medical necessities and supplies to hospices, other hospitals, and orphanages.

  • To ship one 40 foot container will cost beatween $10.000 – $13.000


In Closing

Thank you for opening your heart to the Chalice of Mercy mission. Thank you for caring about the Ukrainian people. We cannot do this work without your support and prayer. If there is any way you can help with anything, we will be grateful! May God bless you at all times and may He protect you and your family. May the Blessed Mother hold us all together and lead us closer to Jesus.

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