Window of Life


Here is an image of the kind of Window of Life that Chalice of Mercy is working to establish in Zaporozhzhya


Each day thousands of children are robbed of the chance to ever look into their parents’ eyes, for they are robbed of the chance to be born – condemned to death through abortion.


A “Window of Life” provides a loving alternative.  It is a drop-off site where mothers who are unable or unwilling to provide for their newborns can anonymously and safely bring them to be cared for and placed for adoption. These exist in many countries around the world, with 13 already in Ukraine. But there is none in the major city of Zaporozhzhya, so Chalice of Mercy is working to establish one. In the U.S., these sites often go by the name “Safe Havens for Newborns.”


A Window of Life is a specially equipped compartment located in a medical facility. It has a clear plastic window on the outside that can be swung open, leading to a little crib or cradle on the inside, in which a baby can be placed. When the window is closed it locks after 30 seconds, at which point it can no longer be opened from the outside. There is no video monitoring, so the process remains anonymous. After the 30 seconds a buzzer and flashing lights signal the medical personnel that a baby has been dropped off.


The baby is then examined by doctors, who run all the necessary preliminary tests. A report is sent to the police that a child has been dropped off. There is no danger of prosecution for a mother who has taken this course of action. If the child is not declared missing and its parents are unknown, it is declared a foundling, assigned to a social worker and, in accordance with Ukrainian law, placed in a local orphanage for potential adoption. If, prior to adoption, the mother decides she wants her child back, this can happen as long as genetic testing confirms the child is hers.


To summarize, then, the advantages of the Window of Life are:

Anonymity – no video monitoring. This is one of the most important factors.


Simplicity – To leave a newborn at a hospital, one must normally go through a whole series of documented steps. But to put a baby in a Window of Life is utterly simple. Furthermore, many of the mothers who use the Window of Life do not give birth in hospitals, but rather at home.
Legality – A mother is subject to no legal penalties for leaving her child in a Window of Life, as long as the baby has no inflicted injuries.

Safety – All Windows of Life are equipped with special alarm systems that immediately signal medical personnel when a baby has been left, so there is no danger for the child.
Possibility for parents to reclaim their child – If the parents regret leaving their baby and wish to reclaim him, they can do so after passing a DNA test that confirms he is theirs, as long as the baby has not already been adopted.




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