St. Maria Goretti House

Facing a pregnancy when you are lonely, homeless, financially deprived, or feeling pressure from the world around you to make a choice that is against life is an overwhelming situation for any woman. The building of St. Maria Goretti House, located in a small village outside the city of Zaporozhye, Ukraine, will provide mothers and their babies a safe place to live and grow. The spirit of the home will give mothers a foundation for life and family and allow them to welcome their child into a loving environment where they will thrive. Through the loving hearts and hands of mentors, the mothers during their stay will learn about the love that our heavenly Father has for each of them and how they in turn must share that love with their child. The mothers of St. Maria Goretti House will learn life-skills that will include financial management, parenting and daily living skills. The women, through their commitment to prayer and family-like community living, will be able to build the foundations necessary to  establish a respectable life which honors their heavenly Father as they move beyond the walls of St. Maria Goretti House.



General Plans for St. Maria Goretti House

General Plan for  St. Maria Goretti House for the women and children in need.

Plan 1 | Plan 2 | Plan 3 | Plan 4 | Plan 5 | Plan 6


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