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Thanks to the pilgrimages organized by Chalice of Mercy, God has blessed Ukraine with a growing number of doctors and nurses who embrace the precious dignity of every human life. Many of them dream of living out their healing vocation in a setting that supports their new understanding.


As one way of responding to this desire and providing a beautiful model others may follow, Chalice of Mercy hopes to build a Culture of Life Center. This facility would offer:

  • A women’s clinic for pro-life gynecological, prenatal and birthing care
  • A therapy center for children with special needs (physical, occupational, speech therapy, etc.)
  • An area for medical conferences and continuing education for doctors
  • Classes for medical students, possibly even a Culture of Life Medical School


In short, the goal is to nourish an environment in which healthcare professionals can freely and joyfully conform to God’s plan for their vocation. It is to provide women, especially those carrying a baby under the most difficult conditions, with all the support and expert medical care they need for their health and that of their child. It is to provide children with special needs – those the world may judge unfit and inferior – with love and with the professional therapy they need to reach their full potential, all in a setting where they can experience the freedom and the fun of childhood!


With God’s grace and the light of His truth, these are not naïve dreams, but realistic goals. With their converted hearts, our doctors hunger to serve in just such a setting.  We welcome your prayers and support for this project.


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