Containers of Medical Supplies

Chalice of Mercy Container Finally Released March 2014!

Dearest Friends,
March 5th was the beginning of Lent, the holy season that helps us to come closer to Our Jesus, to His Heart, so that together with Him we might come closer to Our Heavenly Father, who loves us and is waiting for us to open our hearts more...Read More »

Everybody loves surprises!

News about shipment of container with Medical to Ukraine !!!

Everybody loves surprises! Especially, when they are in a box!¬† What if they were in a very big box that had traveled across the ocean for 47 days, stuffed with gifts of necessary medical supplies for the Orphanage in the Kalinovka¬†...Read More »


Container of hope



Medical Supplies for Kalinovka orphanage and St. Michel the Archangel Hospice


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