• Retreat house

The whole aim of all the deeds we develop in Chalice of Mercy is to let our heavenly Father be known, loved and honored throughout the world. It would be absolutely unfair not to refer all the love we try to give, to the one we receive from God.

Even if we could be able to provide medical care for all the country it wouldn´t be enough: we want to be together with them for all eternity, and the only one who can do that is God. We know we are called to collaborate with Him in this mission by sharing our faith in Him.

For this reason the retreat house is one of our biggest dreams. Being able to have a house where we could organize Adorations, summer camps, retreats for families, young people, giving spiritual exercises, conferences and asking people from all around the world to come and share their personal testimony about God is one of the highest ways of charity.

Sharing our faith is sharing the gates that Jesus opened for us to have access to God´s Mercy. That´s why we feel called to proclaim what we have received for free, so that many others can receive the life that God has predestined us in Christ.

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