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Welcome to Chalice of Mercy

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to serve and protect all human rights and life from the moment of conception until the natural death, protect the natural law of traditional marriage between man and woman in the way it was established by God. Bring medical assistance to the most poverished Hospitals , hospices and orphanages in Ukraine. Bring support help and relive to the children with the special needs. Help single mothers, and family’s that find themselves in the most difficult situations. By our prayer and action show that each one has the most treasures dignity before God the Father.


Chalice of Mercy is a Catholic mission to Ukraine, a country marked by much suffering, including a long and painful chapter of atheistic oppression under Communism. The goal of Chalice of Mercy is to bring aid and comfort to the sick, the elderly and the forgotten through charitable assistance to medical facilities, orphanages and hospices for the dying. Chalice of Mercy has a special outreach to healthcare professionals, especially OB/GYN’s,  sharing with them the message that every life is a precious gift of God, from conception to natural death, and that the fruitfulness of married love is to be regulated not by chemicals and devices, but by natural methods in keeping with the beauty of God’s plan. In everything it does, Chalice of Mercy seeks to awaken hope and love, to reflect God’s Light in a land that has known too much darkness.  Its initiatives are carried out in close collaboration with the Catholic Kharkovko-Zaporozskaya Diocese.


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War has no face….

On November 24th, Fr. Andry and I, along with Viktor, a volunteer from the local charitable organization Deti Zaporozhya were visiting war refugees who have fled from Donetsk to Zaporozhye in search of safety.

Now today I am looking at photos of the refugee children. I see on their faces the signs...Read More »

8th Annual Ukrainian Christmas Dinner

Come join us!

8th Annual Ukrainian Christmas Dinner With Chalice of Mercy
Notre Dame Parish Life Center 117 Allen Street Chippewa Falls, WI
Saturday, Januarary 10,2015 6:00-8:00pm

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Something Beautiful for God – My Experience of a Chalice of Mercy Pilgrimage

“Beauty will save the world.” Thus wrote the famous Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky.

I love this quote, because it reminds us that what really draws people to believe in Jesus Christ and to change their lives is the evidence of the beauty, the radiance, the splendor of the Lord. Certainly, what...Read More »