Mission Statement

God is Our Father and He has a very special, personal and deep love for each one of us. Our hope is that through our prayer and action, we might reveal the treasured dignity that each one of us has before Him. We serve and protect all human rights and life from the moment of conception until natural death. We organize medical assistance to the most impoverished hospitals, hospices and orphanages in Ukraine. We reach out with support, help and relief to children with special needs. We help single mothers and families that find themselves in the most difficult situations. But most of all, our hope is that through His works, Our Father might be known, loved and honored throughout the world.

Chalice of Mercy is a Catholic mission to Ukraine, a country marked by much suffering, including a long and painful chapter of atheistic oppression under Communism, and lately, since 2013 the consequences of the war. Through our mission, we seek to awaken hope and love, to reflect God’s Light in a land that has known too much darkness. Our initiatives are carried out in close collaboration with the Catholic Kharkivsko-Zaporizhzhska Diocese.

Our main hope is not only to help temporally in all these projects, because all these works are meaningless by themselves if they don´t talk about a bigger love: The love of the Heavenly Father who sent His only Son for us to know how much we belong to God who is unceasingly calling us to holiness and how much united we are with one another.


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