• Surgery Missions

In Chalice of Mercy we have realized that many people in the war zone of Eastern Ukraine desperately need access to medical care. With the help of Ukrainian doctors who guarantee us access to their hospital facilities, we can transfer patients from the war zone to Kiev, so that they receive the medical treatments they need and that in no other way could they afford.

We work with surgeons, anesthetists, residents, nurses and other health professionals, who come on a medical mission, come to patients and provide them with medical treatments or perform the surgeries they need, free of charge. Some of these healthcare professionals come from very advanced medical institutions in Europe and the United States and are ready to share their knowledge and specialized techniques with Ukrainian doctors and health workers.

We have no words to thank these medical professionals sufficiently that, with their hearts full of love, and their skillful hands, they help us bring hope to people who otherwise would have no one to turn to.
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