Sometimes in life we feel a deep thirst for truth and love. We live in an age of constant communication through social media, yet our personal relations often suffer. If we don´t know how to listen to the voice of God within us, we will never be able to receive others.

That is why we feel the need to stop along the way and let our Father speak to us through Jesus. In that way we can encounter God more deeply and directly. Jesus himself spent entire nights praying to His Father as His source of Love and direction, always wanting to do His Father´s will.

We believe we have the same need to understand what God is calling us to every day. That is why we organize retreats, as a way to receive everything from God so as to be able to give it to others. No one can give what he doesn´t have, and in a retreat we open ourselves to receive from our Father whatever he wants us to give.

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