• St Maria Goretti Daycare

All children deserve the opportunity to receive an education and, even further, a faith-based education, one that prepares them not just for this world, but for eternal life. This means truly all children, including those with special needs.

God give us grate gift to open the doors of St Maria Goretti Daycare, one that up until recently was simply impossible in Ukraine. But recent changes in the law now permit the establishment of independent, faith-based educational places under one condition: they must allow the enrollment of children with special needs!

This is extraordinary for Ukraine, where people with disabilities have traditionally been marginalized and kept out of sight. Now, in the amazing providence of God, a law has been passed that helps us teach this fundamental truth: every human life, in every condition, is a precious gift from God, worthy of love, respect and human development.

St Maria Goretti Daycare serves children from the ages of 3 to 6, including those with special needs. For us it is a great joy to see the children blossom through play, studies, Christian ethics, and the learning of two additional languages English and Polish. Even greater joy comes because we know that such children can not only survive, but thrive and succeed in their lives, resulting in an experience that is truly rich for everyone involved.

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