The Chalice of Mercy Medical Exchange Mission is a program that aims to develop and enhance the ethical skills and practices of current and future medical professionals in Ukraine, through a mentoring system by American and European medical professionals carefully selected during the course of their practices and for a period of one month.

The program is open to doctors and medical students from Ukraine and focuses mainly on the following areas: Obstetrics and Gynecology, family medicine, pediatrics, surgery, anesthesiology, and physical therapy.

During the 4-week program, the visiting physician or medical student will have the opportunity to observe the attending physician (s).

Attending hospital rounds
Serving in outpatient office / clinic
Observing procedures / surgeries
The visiting doctor or medical student must prepare a daily registration list of the nature and duration of the medical interventions observed together with their tutor. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of compliance from the Chalice of Mercy Medical Exchange Mission, signed by your mentor indicating the areas and interventions observed.

Chalice of Mercy does a careful job of selecting and matching visiting observers with their respective American and European hosts so that the experience favors both the learning and acquisition of best medical practices, as well as a Catholic ethical vision of medicine.

If you are interested in this program please contact us.

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