Natural Family Planning Seminar for OBGYN and Gynecology Doctors

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Natural Family Planning Seminar for OBGYN and Gynecology Doctors

Zaporozhye, Ukraine  June 8-10,2012.

The Natural Family Planning Seminar for OBGYN and Gynecology Doctors was held at the Shrine of Merciful God the Father on June 8-10,2012.




We are so grateful to our Genya Samorska, President of the charitable organization “Dignity of all People”.  Genya has been generously giving her time and knowledge in helping us with our NFP seminars in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.  Thankfully due to this education, we now have families who are happily expecting children.  Prior to this, these families were unable to conceive.  We also have doctors who are now really looking to use these different methods to provide this education in schools.

Prior to the seminar we often hear the doctors say, “We know all about this, we don’t need to learn anything more.”  But it is absolutely fascinating to see them change once they begin to learn more about the Natural Methods of Family Planning.

This was our fourth seminar and with each one we learn ever more how important they are.   For this seminar we had doctors who traveled from Kiev, Cherkassy and Vinniza.  Also present were doctors from Zaporozhye.



Here is some responses we received from the doctors who participated:

1. OBGYN Doctor Larisa Stepanovna from Zaporozhye:  This is helping us to more correctly educate women and to give them a correct diagnosis.   It will also help us to prevent abortions, which have terrible consequences for the women.  I think that it will also help us to educate children in the schools and universities.  When I was inviting others to come, many were scared because they thought that it was only for religious people.  But this is not true.  The NFP methods are for all people.  How wonderful it would be if every doctor could learn this practice and teach it to others.  We must introduce these methods to all educational institutions.  I thank you very much and next time I will use all of my strength to invite as many people as possible to come to this seminar.  Now as I attend the seminar, I can surely say I will invite others.  The atmosphere during the time of the seminar was very friendly, like you were giving yourselves for us.

2. It was wonderful seminar.  Everything was easy to understand and it occurred at just the right time since I am a gynecologist intern student.

3.  In the beginning I was wondering why I was here. But as the seminar went on, I understood how much I needed to be here so that I would know all of this for my future practice of gynecology.

4. I have been working already for many years.  But the way you explained the Natural Methods of Family Planning, it was like I was hearing it for the first time.  I would like to propose that such a seminar should be provided at women’s clinics.  This would allow women to learn methods which will not harm their health and that don’t cost anything.

5. Thank you Genya for helping us and awakening us from our slumber.  Surely we need to educate ourselves all our life, because our knowledge is getting older.  The books that we have are also getting older.  When I was in Medugorje I learned much from the seminars.  But here in Zaporozhye it felt like a micro Medugorje.  I am very happy.  Thank you.

6. We don’t have specialists who can prepare and educate children correctly.  The problem of pregnancy is not only problem of the girls, but of the boys also, that they might learn to take responsibility.  We don’t have enough correct information to give them.  We must do something about it.

7. We have to go and help people to follow the right path.  The information we have received, we must not hold only for ourselves, but give it to others.  It will be wonderful to organize such a seminars at the education centers and consultation places for women.  I think we have to begin this education at schools.  Some time ago, I was sent to educate some young girls about personal hygiene at a school.   When I was explaining to them about how to correctly take care of the intimate parts of their body, one girl from the 6th grade stood up and said: “What you are telling us, we already know.  It is better for you to tell us which days in our cycle we can get pregnant and which days we cannot.”  It was then that I began to realize that the innocence for many of these girls had been lost.  During the time that the girls could ask me questions one-on-one, most all of them told me about their sexual experiences and their fears of becoming pregnant.  Where is the innocence of our children?  Who will teach them purity?  We must do something.

Yes and we can do something much more powerful!!!  God has given us the gift of purity and the gift of sexuality for the even greater gift of a strong and beautiful family.  The gift of new life that is being conceived in the family.  God is protecting us from the evil that is trying to destroy the greatest values of life.  He is giving us a strong will, to overcome all that is destroying us.  We can choose life.   It is in our hands.   We can chose purity if we desire it in our hearts.   We can choose Him, and the blessings upon us will be many.  Let us live life in accordance with His will and in accordance with His commandments.  For these will help us to run to the beautiful Victory of eternal life with Him.

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