• Pilgrimages

Introduction to Pilgrimages

Being Christian is being above all a pilgrim, because the Church herself is a gathering of pilgrims.

Pilgrimage tells us about our transitory reality in this world: we are not here to stay, but to reach the house of our Father in heaven. Pilgrimage is not meant to be dull or sad, but rather to be filled with the faith, love and hope of Jesus himself, the pilgrim par excellence as he returns to his Father along the pathway of our human nature through the Incarnation, teaching us also the way to the Father.

That is why when we start a pilgrimage, we do it listening to our heart that thirsts for more than we can explain or grab in this world, and seeks to rest in the only place it can find rest: in God.

Through our pilgrimages we want to respond to the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ cry “I thirst!” Yes, He thirsts for us to open the gates of our hearts and to start looking for Him, because he who seeks finds. Pilgrimage represents the beginning of a journey toward something that gives deeper meaning to the great questions of our lives: Why are we here? What is our place and role in the universe? What is the meaning of our individual and communal strivings? What is the destiny of humanity and reality?

We believe that all of these questions find a deep answer in our Lord Jesus Christ, and through His Love we find a true belonging to our Heavenly Father. This Love makes us cry “Abba! Father” and roots us in the beautiful family of the Church. There we find sons and daughters of this heavenly Father who are not satisfied with the things that this world proposes, and who start a beautiful journey to a home where the heart recognizes that it belongs to.

This is why we recognize ourselves as pilgrims. We organize pilgrimages as an expression of the thirst of our hearts meeting the thirst of the Heart of Jesus whom He gives Himself upon those who look for Him. We discover that all our life is a very short pilgrimage to heaven, and we realize we can’t carry many things to the house of our Father, just three precious gifts: faith, hope and love.

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