As Chalice of Mercy team, we feel it is a great privilege to touch the lives of people, who feel very desperate, vulnerable and abandoned, and even more so by touching the wounded and sick body, we are touching the heart and soul which is thirsty for the “living water” and searching for the real meaning of life.

We have realized that many people who live in the war zone of Eastern part Ukraine desperately need access to concrete medical care. From the time the war started which is almost 6 years ago, very little medical help has been provided to the people who remain living in this dangerous territory. The Majority of people are age 50+ and have very poor health conditions and no financial support to pay local hospitals for doctor appointments or for any surgeries needed.

Our Medical Team:

We work with surgeons, anesthetists, residents, nurses, chiropractors and other health professionals, who come on a medical mission to the Military Hospital in Zapirzhzhya, Ukraine providing medical treatments or perform the surgeries people need free of charge. Some of these healthcare professionals are coming from very advanced medical institutions in Europe and the United States and are ready to share their knowledge and specialized techniques with Ukrainian doctors and health workers.

Surgeries provided:

The Majority of our patience had advanced hernias of different type, esophagus problems, varicose of veins, tumors of various types, colons, ulcers, gynecological surgeries, hemorrhoids, maxillofacial problems, gallbladder, kidney stones and much more.

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